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Advertising Agency Contacts – A comprehensive list of all the leaders within Canadian advertising agencies, including personnel names, phone numbers and addresses. You will save TIME and MONEY when you RENT this invaluable list of contacts, targeted the way you want it!

National Advertiser Contacts – Customize your campaigns by targeting the right industry professionals. When you RENT The National Advertiser contacts we will include the promotion and ad-planning personnel for over 5,000 companies that spend more than $50,000 per year advertising within Canadian Media.

Canadian Media Contacts – Looking for a comprehensive list of Publishers, editors, sales agents, and production staff to target in your marketing campaign? Look no further! When you RENT our media contacts list, it will include all current listees from our trusted print directory, Canadian Advertising Rates and Data, Canada‘s advertising Bible. This comprehensive list is updated monthly and includes over 8,000 names. Customize your list to suit your needs!