CARDonline – Glossary

Abbreviation/Terminology Definition
AAA, AA, A refers to dayblocks/time classes sold in radio (eg/ AAA=6 a.m. to 10 a.m., AA=10 a.m. to 3 p.m., A=3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
ag. li. see agate line
agate line linear unit of measurement, 1/14th of an inch, usually to measure column depth for newspapers
audit formal review of a publication’s circulation figures performed by a third party agency
banner a graphic advertisement that usually runs across the screen of a website page; a strip ad that runs across the width of a magazine or newspaper page
bleed an area of an ad that runs beyond the margin of a normal printed page
broadsheet newspaper format with two folds, usually larger than tabloid
bulk distribution multiple copies of a publication delivered to the same addressee
bus. card see business card
business card a small print ad, the size of a business card
CA “census agglomeration”; area consisting of one or more adjacent municipalities situated around a major urban core, with a core population of at least 10,000
c’spread see center spread
case binding type of binding for hardcover books where the binding is sewn together then a hardcover is attached
center spread the two adjacent pages in the center of a magazine or newspaper; a feature that occupies the center of a magazine or newspaper
city zone a publication’s delivery within the geographical boundaries of the city limits
classification a display classified ad (eg. appointment notice, legal notice, bankruptcy notice, birth and death notice, etc.)
classified advertising short text-only ads sorted into categories
clickthrough clicking on an ad to access the advertiser’s website
CMA “census metropolitan area”, an area consisting of one or more adjacent municipalities situated around a major urban core with a core population of at least 50,000
col. in see column inch
coldset web offset type of web offset printing where the ink is left to dry through ordinary evaporation or absorption
column inch depth of a column measured in inches
comb. see combination
combination a multiple-ad buy
comm. see commission
commission a percentage discounted from the gross cost of an ad and paid by the media outlet to an advertising agency
common call brand name or tag line of a broadcast station or network distinct from its call letters
controlled distribution free distribution of a publication to individuals meeting defined criteria
copy text or spoken words in an ad
cost per click the cost of an ad charged to the advertiser each time the ad is clicked
CPM “cost per thousand”
depth length of page or column from top to bottom
designated market (newspaper) Core market area that a publication serves; defined by the publisher
DHTML “dynamic HTML”, pages generated at request time by scripts
digest a small pocket-size magazine
double truck print ad that occupies two facing pages
DPI “dots per inch”, an output resolution especially for printers which measure the number of dots in a linear inch
DPS “double page spread”, advertising that runs over two adjacent pages
earlug an ad placed on the top left or right corner of the page
flexform “flexible format”, ad of irregular shape or size not included in a publication’s usual ad sizes
FTP “file transfer protocol”, protocol for exchanging data between computers independent of their platforms
GRP “gross rating point”, a measure of the exposure of an ad; reach x frequency
gravure a printing process whereby rollers are engraved with a graphic, filled with ink then transferred onto paper
gutter white space between columns on a page and between the live area of facing pages
halftone representation of shades of colour with solid dots used in offset printing
heatset web offset an offset printing process where the ink is force dried through heating
HTML “hyper text markup language”, a language used to format static pages for viewing in a web browser
IBC “inside back cover” of a print publication, also referred to as 2nd cover
IFC “inside front cover” of a print publication, also referred to as 3rd cover
inserts advertisement printed separately from a newspaper or magazine’s contents and bound in, also referred to as non-ROP advertising
interstitial an ad that appears either before the main page of a website or in a separate browser when the website page loads
island an ad surrounded by editorial content on a printed page
junior page a magazine-sized page in a tabloid-sized format
leaderboard online ad usually 728 x 90 pixels
letterpress a printing process where ink is applied to a raised image area and applied directly onto paper
licensing area a geographical boundary licensed to a broadcaster by the broadcast regulator
linescreen the resolution of a half tone image measured as the number of lines of haftone dots in a linear inch (LPI)
live area type safety area, largest allowable size on a printed piece within the trim area where type and other matter will safely appear
LPI “lines per inch”, see linescreen
MAL “modular agate line”, in newspapers, 1/14th of an inch within a single column
matched colour substituting one colour model eg. CMYK, for another (PMS), based on a visual or electronic comparison
OBC “outside back cover”, also referred to as 4th cover
offset printing a printing process whereby the inked image is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber roller then onto paper
open line rate the cost to advertise one line of type in a newspaper column
page impression the number of times a web page has been viewed by a user
page view see “page impression”
PDF “portable document format”, created by Adobe Systems; retains the format of a document as authored in the software that created it
perfect binding pages of the publication glued to the spine
perfector a sheetfed printer that prints on both sides of the paper simultaneously
pica a unit of print measurement, approximately 1/6 of an inch; see also “point”
PMS “pantone matching system”; a colour model widely used to match non-processed colours
point 1/12 of a pica
pop-up a new window that appears when a web page is loaded or reloaded
portal a website offering a search engine and other services, serving as a gateway to the Web or a niche market
position charge additional costs to guarantee specific placement in a print publication
process colour also called 4 colour process; four basic colours that include cyan, magenta, yellow and black
prof. card “professional card”; see “business card”
protocol a standard process for digital communication
qualified distribution circulation which is confirmed to reach a publication’s target audience by market or by occupation
reach number of individuals an ad is exposed to over a specific period of time
repro “reproduction”; a high resolution reflective output
ROP “run of press”; the main printed contents of a publication
saddle-stitched binding of a magazine, booklet, etc through stitching or stapling the back centre fold
SGML “standard generalized mark-up language”; an authoring standard used to format structured documents; precursor of HTML and XML
sheetfed offset a printing process where individual sheets of papers are fed into a printer instead of continuous rolls of paper
skyscraper a tall ad (eg. 120 x 600) appearing on the right or left side of a webpage
spiral binding binding method where single sheets are bound 1-up with a plastic or metal coil
sponsorship the branding of editorial or programming content by a paying advertiser
spot colour a unique colour on a printing press usually other than CMYK (eg. a pantone colour)
tab see tabloid
tabloid a newspaper format, folded once, usually smaller than a broadsheet
TIFF “tagged image file format”; an uncompressed, bitmapped file format usually used for high-resolution contones
tile a small square ad (eg. 125 x 125) on a webpage
traffic web usage
transfer media portage storage device for transporting files, data from one computer to another
trim size final size of a printed piece after excess paper is trimmed
unique user distinct user to a website identified by IP address
Publisher’s Statement of Circulation circulation figures for print media, usually provided by the publisher and not sworn by a guarantor
URL “uniform resource locator”; an address on the World Wide Web
viral marketing a.k.a. buzz marketing; marketing through word of mouth
volume discount a lower ad price for larger quantities of ad space
web offset a printing process which uses continuous rolls of paper that are folded and cut after printing; used for high-volume print publications
XML “extensible markup language”; HTML which uses a DTD (document type definition)
Zip a file compression algorithm usually used on a windows platform